Koi Coverup Tattoo New Westminster by Sean Cox

Tattoo Cover Up Tips Part 2

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✨ Go Bigger: When it comes to transforming an existing tattoo, thinking bigger can be the key to success. By enlarging the scale of your coverup design, you create more room to incorporate new elements while effectively concealing the old tattoo. Embrace the opportunity to create a bold, captivating piece that commands attention and makes a powerful statement.

✨ Use Similar Shapes: Want to seamlessly blend your coverup tattoo with the existing design? Opt for using similar shapes in your new artwork. By incorporating shapes that echo the contours or lines of the previous tattoo, you can cleverly integrate the two and create a cohesive composition, like I did in the head of this koi. This technique not only camouflages the old tattoo but also adds an intriguing layer of depth and artistic harmony.

✨ Use Cool Colors: When it comes to coverup tattoos, cool colors are your secret weapon. Shades of purple, blue, and green work wonders in concealing previous ink. Cool colors have the ability to visually recede, creating an optical illusion that helps minimize the visibility of the underlying tattoo. Warm colors from the top half of the visible don’t work as well, but red has a lower value and is better suited for the task than orange or yellows which won’t cover anything but other oranges or yellows.

I think a lot of people believe their options are limited when it comes to cover ups, but with the right techniques from an experienced and creative artist, you’ll likely be surprised by the possibilities.💥💉💥

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